Algeria Travel Guide

Algeria Travel Guide

The biggest country in Africa (after the separation of South Sudan & Sudan) with a great diversion of places and activities which includes

1- The ancient ruins of many ages (ancient Roman ruins in seaside Tipaza. In the capital, Algiers, Ottoman landmarks like circa-1612 Ketchaoua Mosque line the hillside Casbah quarter, with its narrow alleys and stairways. The city’s Neo-Byzantine basilica Notre Dame d’Afrique dates to French colonial rule).

2- The Mediterranean sea coastline and its beautiful beaches

3- Sahara desert Safari

4- Modern Algeria Malls, nightlife,, etc

Facts about Algeria

1- Currency: Algerian dinar which is so cheap compared to USD as 1 USD equals to 118.28 Algerian Dinar

2- Languages: Native language in Algeria is Arabic but the French colonial rule age left its effect on the language which made the second language there is French.

3- Religion: The main religion in Algeria is Islam which you feel from the number of mosques and the sound of Azan around the day

4- Original Ethnic of Algerians is Arab Berber

5- Population was 40.61 million in 2016 according to the world bank – 42 Million in 2018

Main Cities to visit in Algeria

1- Algiers

The Capital and the largest city in Algeria, located at north Algeria on the Mediterranean sea coastline (so the best time to visit it is during the summer if you wanna enjoy beaches) and known by its whitewashed buildings of the Kasbah, a city with steep winding streets, Ottoman palaces, and ruins.

Must See Attractions if you have only one day in Algiers
  1. Notre-Dame d’Afrique – A Grand, historic Catholic church with panoramic bay views & restored paintings & statuary.
  2. Ketchaoua Mosque – Dating back to 1612, this grand, prominent mosque once served as a Catholic cathedral.
  3. Palais des Rais – Historic bastion built in 1576, offering a classic example of Moorish architecture & tours.
  4. Jardin d’Essai du Hamma – Elegant 1800s French- & English-style gardens with fountains, a small zoo & a fine-art museum.
  5. Martyrs’ Memorial – an Iconic concrete monument built in 1982 to honor the 20th anniversary of Algeria’s independence.

2- Oran

is a port city in northwest Algeria and the second most important city after Algiers. Passing the Islamic dynasties, Spanish, Ottoman and French rule periods left a great diversity on buildings there.

Must See Attractions if you have only one day in Oran
  1. Fort of Santa Cruz – Set on the mountainside above the gulf, this prominent fort offers panoramic city views & a chapel.
  2. Porte De Santon
  3. Hassan Pasha Mosque
  4. Abdallah Ibn Salam Mosque
  5. Ahmed Zabana National Museum
  6. Plage Beau Séjour – A wide natural Mediterranean beach with fine sands backed by dunes popular for volleyball & camping.

3- Constantine

The third largest city in the country. named in honor of emperor Constantine the Great. Located about 80 kilometers from the Mediterranean coast, on the banks of the tiny Rhumel River.  There are several museums and historical sites located around the city.

Constantine is often referred to as the “City of Bridges” due to the numerous picturesque bridges connecting the various hills, valleys, and ravines that the city is built on and around. Constantine was named the Arab Capital of Culture in 2015.

Must See Attractions if you have only one day in Constantine
  1. Suspended bridge Sidi M’Cid
  2. Emir Abdelkader Mosque built in 1994.
  3. Monument aux morts de Constantine
  4. Cirta Museum
  5. Monument aux Morts
  6. Palais du Bey
  7. Viaduct Transrhumel
  8. Grande Mosquée de Constantine
  9. Aqueduc romain
  10. Yasukuni Massinissa
  11. Mausoleum

4- Annaba

Annaba is a port city in northeast Algeria. On the Cours de la Révolution, the main street with a broad central promenade, architecture reflects the city’s French colonial past. St. Augustine Basilica, completed in 1900, towers on a hill to the south. Below it sprawls the ruined city of Hippo Regius, with the remains of Roman villas and baths. The Musée d’Hippone exhibits mosaics and objects from the site.

Must See Attractions if you have only one day in Annaba
  1. Saint Augustin Basilica
  2. Basilica – The Basilica of St Augustine is a Roman Catholic basilica and pro-cathedral located in Annaba, Algeria. It is dedicated to Saint Augustine of Hippo. The basilica is under the circumscription
  3. Plage Saint-Cloud
  4. Musée des Ruines d’Hippone

5- Bejaia

A Mediterranean port city on the Gulf of Béjaïa. On the country’s Mediterranean coastline

6- Tlemcen

Tlemcen is a city in northern Algeria. It’s known for Moorish buildings, such as the 11th-century Grand Mosque, with a tall minaret and elaborate mihrab (prayer niche). The tomb of Sidi Boumediene, a 12th-century Sufi teacher, is a place of pilgrimage. Its adjacent mosque is an example of Almoravid architecture, with carved stucco. In the city center, the 12th-century palace of El Mechouar is protected by high walls.

Inside the palace, Chambre de l’Artisanat et des Métiers is a cultural center with local handicrafts. The nearby Tlemcen Museum has exhibits on the city’s art and history. South of the city, Tlemcen National Park is a forested area with protected wildlife and an ancient mosque. A cable car runs to the Lalla Setti Plateau, offering views over the city. East of here is the El Ourit Waterfall. Nearby are the Caves of Béni Add, with unusual calcite formations. Southwest of Tlemcen, the medieval city of Mansoura includes the remains of an ancient mosque and minaret.

7- Taghit

8- Gandaia

9- Timimon

Algeria Weather

There’s no best time to visit the country if you don’t have a clear plan but there’s a best time to visit it if you know the cities you’re going to. As Algeria is a very big country there’s diversity in weather the north Algeria has a Mediterranean weather so it’s nice during summer because of the coastal line while South Algeria weather is hotter during summer because of the Desert.

Algiers weather around the year
Algiers weather around the year

A screenshot to Algeria’s weather in October. Shows the weather getting hotter and dryer as we are heading South

Algeria Visa

1- The Citizens f the following countries are not required to have a prior visa to enter Algeria (Up to 90 days)

Syria – Libya – Yemen – Malaysia – Mali – Mauritania – Morocco – Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic – Seychelles – Tunisia

2- Citizens of any county not listed above are required to have a prior visa to enter Algeria

Algerian visa requirements

  • A valid passport for at least 6 months
  • Two recent identical 2 x 2 passport type photographs in color, front view, and with a plain or white background.
  • Invitation letter from a family (including the inviter ID) or authorized Algerian travel agency.
  •  2 ways flight ticket
  • A confirmed hotel reservation. A letter from inviting family member or friend is required if they are providing accommodations to the applicant.
  •  A bank statement shows enough money to cover your trip

Algerian visa process takes 5 up to 10 business days

3- Entry and transit is refused for Israeli citizens, even if they are not leaving the plane and proceeding by the same flight.