Comoros Islands Travel Guide

Comoros Islands Travel Guide

An Arabic country consists of 3 Islands Grande Comore, Mohéli and Anjouan located on the Indian ocean and the third smallest country in Africa

Language of Comoros

Comorian, French, and Arabic are the 3 main languages that almost everyone can speak.

What to visit in Comoros

Grande Comore  (the largest island in Comoros)

1- Moroni the Capital of Comoros where you can visit the Grand Mosque of Moroni (Grande Mosquée de Moroni)

2- Awesome beaches like Bouni beach,  Iconi, Chomoni, Mitsamiouli, Ndroudé and Ivoini



Moving between Comoros Islands

there are two ways to move between Islands

1- A speedboat (Small boat for about 10 Passengers) you can easily book it with its price and a copy of your passport (a round trip including transfer from your hotel may cost 100-150 EUR ) only runs when the sea isn’t rough. So make sure you have enough time before your international flight out if you’re gonna move between Islands by boat.

2- A flight

Transport around Comoros Islands

1- Shared taxis are the best as you will pay less than 1 USD per ride but you may miss one or more taxis before finding one heading to your destination.

Best time to visit Comoros

The best time to visit Comoros and enjoy their yet uncrowded beaches runs from June to October as it’s the least sultry, the driest and sunniest, although some showers must still be put into account, especially in the main island. In the latter, given that the rains are still abundant in June and July, you can choose the period from August to October.

Comoros entry requirements

Visa required for anyone to enter Comoros islands

45 Days touristic visa cost 60 EUR