Egypt travel guide

Egypt Travel Guide – Pharaohs land

Most of us know Egypt as an old country known by its Pyramids and historical and ancient antiques. but the reality is Egypt is an entire world itself. after reading our travel guide you’ll be able to see Egypt as it really is. Egypt Travel Guide! Travel Now

All that you need to know about Egypt

General Info about Egypt.

Egypt is located in Africa and a small part of it (Sinai peninsula) located in Asia so by visiting Egypt you’ll visit 2 continents.

Language: Native language is Arabic but all Egyptians studied English as a first foreign language at schools.

Seas: Red sea – Mediterranean sea

Rivers: Nile river

Currency: Egyptian pound which = 1/17.5 of USD 2017/2018. So 1 USD = around 17.50 Egyptian pound (Yeah with few dollars/Euros you gonna be rich there)

Weather: The weather in Egypt is getting hotter lately because of global warming so try to visit it anytime around the year but not in the summer.

it’s good during winter (12 up to 25 Celsius) and very hot in summer (June- July and August) up to 35-47 Degrees Celsius. ( August is the hottest ).

Best time to visit Egypt is between November and March as the weather is perfect ( Not hot and not cold ).

Where to go / what to do in Egypt :

Check every city’s topic for more details

1- Cairo – The Capital of Egypt and Giza Travel Guide

Explore an entirely different part of the world where the time stops

Giza Pyramids
Giza Pyramids

2- Alexandria and the North Coast – Travel Guide


3- Sharm Al Sheikh in South Sinai – Travel Guide

Do you like nature? Do you like the sea ( swimming, sea trips, snorkeling, and scuba diving )? What about partying hard at night? Well, you know where to go.

Sharm El Sheikh, South Sinai, Egypt.

4- Dahab in South Sinai

The Egyptian Paradise Dahab. Located in South Sinai about 85 KM from Sharm El Sheikh. Dahab is the home of blue hole one of the best diving and snorkeling spots.

Hurghada – Elgouna – Marsa Alam

Luxor and Aswan

Siwa oasis

Egypt’s Culture:

Egypt is a Muslim country so when you visit a mosque take your shoes off before entering, avoid passing in front of people who are praying and if you’re a woman cover your hair.

It’s totally okay to find 2 people from the same gender holding hands or kissing each other on cheeks for greetings they are not homosexual.

Egyptian Food:

The most known local food in Egypt is Koshary for launch and Fool and Falafel for breakfast

Also, you should try Molokhia, Shawerma, Hawawshi, and Kabab for Lunch

Buying in Egypt :

When you’re buying from local bazaars and services >

  • Never show that you’re very excited to buy something because the seller will try to sell it at a high price
  • Never accept the first offer for the price it’s always negotiable. They start too high thinking you’ll get so low to find the average price in between

Safety In Egypt – Is Egypt safe?

Egypt ranked as the safest country in Africa and ranked more than UK and US according to a Gallup poll published on the BBC website

Egypt Travel Guide

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