Cheap Flight ticket

Book cheap flight ticket


Book cheap flight tickets
Book cheap flight tickets

Tips for booking your flight ticket


1- Be flexible about dates, airports and destinations (If you can)

Being flexible about dates allows you to book the flight in the cheapest periods and flexibility in airports could also save you a lot but make sure that the airport isn’t so far away from your destination to not expense what you saved from the flight ticket on reach to get your destination.

If you’re flexible about destination you’ll be just checking best deals to find any reliable.

2- Book your ticket 6 weeks before your trip

As its price isn’t affected and increased yet by over bookings and while economy class isn’t fully booked

3- Non Direct flights – with one or more transit 

Flights with transits usually cheaper than direct flights

4- Travel when no one else wants to

Like late flights, flights with long transits, avoid national festivals.

5- Check flights using private mode on your browser.

as websites use cookies which track your activity so when you go back again they may increase the price

6- Ita software is a great tool powered by google that checks you flights and routs for your destination. Booking isn’t available through this service but it still a great tool as your can check the cheapest routs and ask your travel agency to book that specific flight you checked.


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