Dahab – Egyptian Paradise

In the Arabic language, Dahab means gold and in real life, it’s much better than gold. the home of the Blue hole (one of the best diving & snorkeling spots on this planet).

The most amazing thing about Dahab is its simplicity that we really miss in our life it’s all about naked nature.

Sea and mountain with a lot of activities included in both areas. The atmosphere leads you to find happiness and inner peace.

The original inhabitants of Dahab are Bedouins but they are no longer uses Camels and Horses as transportation. They Drive Jeep nowadays but they still offer Horses & Camel rides to the tourists.

Where to go and What to do in Dahab South Sinai

Blue Hole – Diving and snorkeling

A spot in the sea surrounded by coral reefs makes it a nice home to a lot of kinds of nice water creatures. Its mountains underwater are perfect spots to dive and discover.

You can either decide to ride a camel, horse beside the beach or just stay in the car until getting to the blue hole area

3 pools

Coral reefs coast with 3 empty spots in the middle of the coral reefs formed like pools. a great spot for snorkeling, diving, or even enjoy the view from cafes

Dahab 3 pools
3 pools

Wadi Gani

A small valley very close to the 3 pools area which is a great spot for walking, riding a bike, beach buggy, and taking amazing photos 

Wadi Gani
Wadi Gani

Blue Lagoon

The caves


A nice trip between Dahab’s mountains while riding a jeep including stops to see the canyon, the golden mountain and having tea with Bedouin


Bedouin dinner

Enjoying a night in the desert to see Bedouin traditions and enjoying dinner on their own way, usually including a belly dancer, Bedouin songs and BBQ.

Beach buggy

A beach buggy ride usually starts early morning to watch the sunrise or by the end of the day to see the sunset from the mountain and also including a tea break in the mountain prepared by Bedouin


Where to stay in Dahab

There are a variety of places to stay in Dahab Hotels, Hostels, Camps and Airbnb apartments according to your budget and the experience you wanna have.

I stayed at a small villa has 2 rooms and 2 single beds and one king size bed in Red C Villas it’s the second line of the sea reliable if you’re a small group 4 up to 6 the cost was Approximately 100-110 USD per 2 bedrooms Villa per night (there are also studios, 1 bedroom villa & 3 bedrooms villas) Accommodation only.

And I find it perfect as it’s nice, quiet, private and very close to the market (5 up to 7 minutes walk) and has a grill outside the villa. Our Host Steve is a really nice person.

Dahab Nightlife

Dahab is perfect but it’s all about simplicity. It isn’t the best destination if you’d like to party hard in a luxury way.

You may go to a cafe, bar, or Bedouin dinner to enjoy a night out

Transportation in Dahab

Dahab isn’t a big city so sometimes you won’t need transportation but if you ever needed it can be handled by the Hotel, Hostel or whatever the place you’re staying by phone

How to get to Dahab from Cairo

1- There are some transport companies offer high-quality buses from Dahab to Cairo like Blue bus Egypt (the best till now), Go bus Egypt. The Business class ticket one way (the highest class) = 370 EGP about 20.50 USD per ticket

2- The nearest airport is Sharm El Sheikh international airport (Less than 100 KM)

How to get to Dahab from Sharm El Sheikh

The distance is about 85 KM from Sharm El Sheikh to Dahab

1- a taxi from Sharm El Sheikh to Dahab

2- A bus from the bus station is a good choice for budget travelers


Safety in Dahab

Dahab is totally safe. I used to get out anytime early morning and midnight and during my stay, I have never felt in danger or not safe.

Attention, please

You should have enough self-control to leave Dahab after your trip because you’ll fall in love with Dahab and maybe decide to stay there forever.

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