How to Immigrate to the USA

All Legal ways to immigrate to the USA. Immigration visa types, diversity visa program, Family-Sponsored, and Employment visa

The American Dream
USA Immigration

How to immigrate to the USA has always been the most asked question for a lot of people

as immigration to the US has always been a dream for a lot of people around the world. those who are looking for a fresh start and a better life quality.

Diversity Immigrant Visa DV

The easiest and most known way to immigrate to the US is the Diversity immigration program which offers 55000 visas yearly

All that you need to apply is a few minutes to fill online application and photo

The application opens yearly in October for a month and the result announcement in May

Diversity visa official website to apply and check results

The below tables contain different purposes for immigrating to the United States of America and the related immigrant visa categories

Immediate Relative & Family Sponsored USA visa

Spouse of a U.S. CitizenIR1, CR1
Spouse of a U.S. Citizen awaiting approval of an I-130 immigrant petitionK-3 *
Fiancé(e) to marry U.S. Citizen & live in U.S.K-1 *
Intercountry Adoption of Orphan Children by U.S. CitizensIR3, IH3, IR4, IH4
Certain Family Members of U.S. CitizensIR2, CR2, IR5, F1, F3, F4
Certain Family Members of Lawful Permanent ResidentsF2A, F2B
Immediate Relative & Family Sponsored USA visa

So let’s summarize above table in a few words; Starting a family with American by Marriage (including same-sex marriage), adoption or having existing American family

Employer-Sponsored – Employment USA visa

Employment-Based Immigrants, including (preference group):

PurposeVisa Category
Priority workers [First]E1
Professionals Holding Advanced Degrees and Persons of Exceptional Ability [Second]E2
Professionals and Other Workers [Third]E3, EW3
Employment Creation/Investors [Fifth]C5, T5, R5, I5
Certain Special Immigrants: [Fourth]S (many**)
Employer Sponsored – Employment USA visa

Religious Workers SD, SR Visa

Iraqi and Afghan Translators/Interpreters SI visa

Iraqis and Afghans Who Worked for/on behalf of the U.S. Government SQ

Returning Resident SB

Important Notes:

*K Visas – Listed with immigrant visas because they are for immigration-related purposes.

About this Table – This chart is a list of many immigrant visa categories, but not every immigrant visa category.

Refer to the Foreign Affairs Manual, 9 FAM 502.1 for a listing of all immigrant visa categories.

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