How to Make Money While Traveling

United States Dollars

Its been the most important question how to finance your travel, How to make money traveling the world ?? here are some ways to make money while exploring the world.

1- List your place on Booking .com

The most known website for online bookings now allows you to list your apartment to be booked by their system.

Now you don’t have to worry about advertising and marketing your place as will do that for you! and you just have to list your place there through this link. be a good host and make money easily.

Payout Methods: Wire transfer or Paypal

2- List your place on Airbnb

You can rent a free bed, a free room or the entire place and make more money as you’re providing a high-quality service, with 1 Million Dollar Guarantee against your house damage.

3- Work by teaching your language

Teaching your language would be also a great way to make some extra money while traveling either by teaching in a language center or by yourself.

4- Vlog – Video blogger

Video blogging is such a nice way to share your passion with the world and make some money by:

1- Monetize your videos by Adding Ads

Creating a youtube channel, record videos and optimizing your videos with ads on youtube to make money. (After having 4000 Watching hours during the last 12 Month and having 1000 Subscribers)

  • Get payment from google Adsense minimum payout 100 USD.

2- Affiliate Marketings

Review products and services, suggest the tools you use while traveling on your videos while referring to your affiliate link in the description.

5- Travel Blogging

If you’re interested in writing and video making so this is the right path to follow, being a travel blogger is such a great way to share your adventures and make some money by suggesting Hotels, flights, and products based on your travel experience.

6- Freelancing

Making use of your skills and knowledge to make money. It’s not easy to offer your skills and knowledge for people who don’t know you and get hired but It can be done by building an online reputation on websites like, , or which offers freelancing services. Crossover is a website that offers remote-jobs (work from home) which can be done from anywhere around the world as you have your laptop and internet connection.

All of above methods to make money while traveling or to finance your trip has the same way of getting paid by a wire transfer or PayPal so you’ll be able to withdraw your money using your visa card anywhere around the world


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